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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

FernThis week has been amazing. It's springtime in Atlanta, which is simply gorgeous. Trees in bloom everywhere, the crepe myrtle is in full bloom, dogwoods, pear trees etc - it's just so beautiful & green!! It's also YELLOW, as in pollen everywhere! But thanks to my Claritin D I am actually doing fine this season!

I have been researching the benefits of using seaweed, algae, etc in bath products, so this past weekend I bought some things to try! Sunday and Monday I made a nourishing spa seaweed bath tea - it's full of sea veggies, kelp, spirulina, wakame and other good stuff. Also a detoxifying bath salt with dead sea salts, jade china sea salts, kelp and spirulina. The bath tea bags are so cool - when they swell in the tub, a kind of gel comes out and you can gently rub the bag onto your skin, then pat dry (don't rinse). Supposed to be very nourishing, moisturizing and good for your skin!

Today was my big Publix trip. Spent $82, saved $126! Some of the best deals were dip for 54 c, Dawn d/w soap for 45 c, Snuggle fabric softener for 24 c, free Sunchips, and 25 c 4 packs of Fiber One Yogurt! LAter this week we'll do a Kroger trip too. I have about $118 left to spend this pay period for household/grocery - and I would love to not spend it all!!

My 15 year old got her driver's permit this week. I just added her to our insurance, and I get the feeling that this is one of those "big" moments in her life! So exciting for her, but so terrifying for me!! :o)

That's it for now, I will try to post soon about our trip to Fernbank Museum of Natural History! We got a family membership and we'll be there OFTEN!

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