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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Thermalabs Natural Organic Self Tanner

Recently I was offered the chance to review this Self Tanning lotion in exchange for sharing it on my social media accounts,  and I'm so thrilled I did!  Have you tried a self tanner that leaves you orange, or streaky looking?   This one will not do that - it gives you a beautiful, natural-looking tan!

I tried it one night right before bedtime.  I used a pair of gloves like the ones you get with haircolor.  I applied this lotion to both legs, which are a lovely shade of pasty white this time of year! I honestly didn't expect much of anything thanks to products I've tried before.  So imagine my surprise to find them a nice, even bronze color the next morning!  No streaks, and the only place I had an issue was on my ankle bones - I should have thinned the lotion with a little water and applied it over those areas.  Oh well, live and learn!   The "tan" lasted for about four days, and that was fantastic. I can't wait to try it again - this lotion couldn't be any easier to use!

You can find it on Amazon, just in time for Spring Break! 

America's Best Organic Self Tanner with Free Guide! Indoor Tanning Lotion for Body and and Face [Overnight Sunless Tanning] Streak Free and Waterproof

More info from the company: 

Get ready to get so many compliments!

Brand new SUPERIOR formula for 2015. We redesigned the bottle too! Hope you love it as much as we do!

• Thermlabs Organic Self Tanner Is America's Golden Standard!
• Our Certified Organic Ingredients: Avocado oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Cocoa seed butter and Aloe leaf juice! We have the most expensive and exclusive formula to date compared to ALL other self tanners in the market. Don't take our word for it - examine our competition carefully!
• Even and natural-looking tan without the dangerous sun damaging rays
• Moisturizing natural and organic superior lotion builds natural tan with no streaks!
• Our certified natural and organic tanner creates the perfect and smoothest sun-free tan.

We at Thermalabs, care only about tanning. That's all we do, day and night. Oh, especially nights!
We put all the time, effort and money into creating formulas that will provide the most natural-looking tan which fits your skin tone and color, and we make sure it'll work during the night! No sun, no dangerous rays, not even leaving the house!
Don't like the results? Ship it back and get 100% refund! As long as you follow the simple instructions you'll see the results over night!Enjoy the results because it is you. We care about your beauty AND health: Our formula contains certified natural and organic ingredients. 
Join thousands of Thermagirls worldwide that are enjoying our tan on them all year long!

If you are looking for a self tanner that really works, I hope you will give Thermolabs lotion a try!


  1. I've never used a self tanner before, because a lot of what I've seen on other people leaves their skin having an orange tent to it. This one (maybe because its organic) looks different, I'm going to have to check it out.


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