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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Krav Maga In No Time

I've been trying out a fantastic Krav Maga course, Krav Maga in No Time,  these last few weeks.  What is Krav Maga, you ask?It's the self-defense and martial arts method currently in use by the CIA, FBI and Israeli Army, due to its ability to end a fight in the shortest amount of time.  I think this is a great way to learn, watching these videos in the privacy of your home!

There are 27 videos included, and they are divided into 3 sections.  Each short video is very easy to follow and learn the proper technique.  For example, the first video is how to stand so you are not easily knocked off balance, and how to make a fist.  The instructor explains things very thoroughly so that you understand why you are standing in each position, and how to do it. I've found it really easy to "get".  It's like taking a private class!  The instructions are to watch each video and practice, practice, practice so you will be ready if you ever need to defend yourself - it will be second nature after practicing each move over and over.

My 11 year old is learning right along with me.  As I mentioned before, the instructor does a great job teaching you how to stand, how to use your hands or kicks to defend yourself.   We both are learning so much.  This is a great way to get some exercise, but you are also learning a valuable skill - how to protect yourself!

Want to win your own copy of Krav Maga in No Time? I usually do my giveaways here on the blog, but this one is a flash giveaway and I'm having people comment over on the FB page.  So click here to go leave a comment and you will be entered to win!  I'll pull one winner's name tomorrow night (1/28/15 after 6 pm) and then notify the winner via their FB page &/ or message  - I'll need to hear from the winner quickly as the sponsor needs my winner's information by Thursday! You'll either receive a DVD or a link to the online videos to watch.  Thanks for entering!

I received complimentary access to the online videos in order to review them.  Sponsor is responsible for sending out the prize to winner.  No other compensation was received.  

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