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Monday, October 20, 2014

How to FAIL at Pinterest!

So I have been obsessed with Pinterest this summer/fall - planning a bridal shower, getting wedding ideas, recipes, homeschool ideas, and party ideas.  My friend Renea hosted a fabulous Halloween party for our boys a few weeks ago and I wanted to bring a few things too - some cookies, a cheeseball, and some favors.   I just had to show you this big fat pinterest FAIL!

I found these finger cookies all over pinterest.  Everywhere! So I rolled out my dough, let it chill, and then got busy forming the coolest fingers EVER. Popped that cookie sheet in the oven and about cried when I took them out.  Duh - they are going to spread, I just didn't think about it, lol! So the next batch was a sheet full of teeny tiny kiddie-sized fingers.  Yeah, still spread and looked like blobs.  I called them ogre fingers and called it quits!  (Click on the image above to see it full-sized in a pop-up, it just wouldn't fit in the blog layout any bigger)

I think next year I will try with a shortbread dough, since that usually doesn't spread out as much. These were yummy, but disappointing in appearance.  I got out my Trader Joe's chocolate, coffee and sugar grinder to sprinkle these with "graveyard dust", in case you were wondering what the black specks are! :)

Stay tuned for the details of our super-fun, a little spooky Halloween party....

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