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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread ~ Amazing!!

One of our most favorite recipes came from Pioneer Woman's Blog.  Love, love, love her!  I make this yummy, cheesy olive bread to go with pasta dishes, and also for potlucks and parties.  It is always GONE fast!! It is creamy, rich, a little salty, and gooey/cheesy ~ the perfect bread as far as I am concerned!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had the usual hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill.  I bought more hot dog buns than we used though, and the extras were going stale fast.   Katie is working fulltime this summer, so it was just me & David at home.  We both love olives, and I thought that making a smaller batch of olive cheese spread on the two extra buns would be a great way to use them up!  Was I ever right!  I think I liked it more on these individual serving size buns than on the larger loaves that I slice up!

Here's the original recipe, straight from Pioneer Woman's first cookbook.  You can use it on whatever bread you have handy!!

Olive Cheese Bread

1 14.5 oz can black olives, drained

1 six oz jar green olives (pimento stuffed), drained
2 green onions (I didn't use)
1 stick butter, softened
1/2 c mayonnaise - real mayo, no substitutions!
1 lb grated monterey jack cheese  (I usually make this with colby jack)
1 loaf crusty french bread (or bread of your choice!!)
Preheat oven to 325. Roughly chop black olives. Do the same with the green olives. Slice green onions then chop them roughly. In a large bowl, combine the butter, mayo, cheese, olives and onions. Stir until throughly blended. (per PW - at this point, grab the nearest cracker and take a taste, repeat as needed, lol!!)

Slice the french bread in half lengthwise, spread the olive cheese mixture in an even layer on each half. Bake 20 -25 minutes, until cheese mixture is thoroughly melted and beginning to turn light brown and bubbly. Cut into diagonal slices and serve immediately!!  If you use hotdog buns like I did,  just scoop the spread into the middle, and bake as directed.

Helpful hints:
Can make cheese/olive mixture up to 2 days in advance, store tightly covered in fridge. Or spread mixture on bread and freeze , tightly wrapped for up to six months. Thaw before baking. Also super-good on crackers!

Variation - substitute drained, chopped artichoke hearts and grated parmesan for the olives and jack cheese - yum!

You have to try this - even if you don't like mayo!  David hates it - but he LOVES this bread!  Let me know what you think, ok?! : )

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  1. This looks so good!! I am going to try it out this week! Thanks for sharing


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