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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geyser Towers at Stone Mountain Park ~ perfect for 100 degree+ days!

I always share the fun happenings at Stone Mountain Park during the Holiday season, so you know how much I love SMP.  This time I want to tell you about their brand new SUMMER attraction ~ Geyser Towers! 

I took both kids earlier this week to see what all the buzz is about.   When you get to SMP,  you'll purchase a pass that lets you do most everything there, with the exception of the "Ride the Duck" attraction - that costs extra.  When we arrived,  we decided to do the other attractions first,  with Geyser Towers last.  That way the kids wouldn't have to traipse around the park wet!

First up was the Great Barn.  That has always been one of David's favorites.  Four stories of climbing  slides, games, trampoline floors, and more.  There are soft foam balls you can shoot at other players, plus nets and bridges to climb and cross - this place will wear your kids out!! There are plenty of seats for mom and dad to rest and watch,  or you are welcome to climb up there with the kids and play. 

Next we headed over to the Yogi Bear 4D movie ~ SO MUCH FUN!  We always love the Polar Express 4D movie each December,  but this movie is awesome!! All I will say is ~ prepare to get WET!

Then it was time to jump on the Scenic Railroad for an open car ride.  The breeze was nice, and it was a chance to see the beautiful scenery around the base of Stone Mountain.   Did you know that Stone Mountain is the world's largest piece of exposed granite?   

 I had a cute picture of the kids on the train to put on here,  but it will not transfer from my phone to my computer.  : (

Then we shopped.  It was HOT outside.  David was very happy to discover that he could stuff a teddy bear (a la Build a Bear) in the toy store, so he picked out a soft fuzzy brown bear.  : )  We stopped by the Candy Kitchen to watch them make Buckeyes, and sampled some delicious fudge.  YUM!! Plus, it was a nice place to cool off for a few minutes inside.

I tried to get him to go on the Sky Hike & Camp Highland Outpost,  but he has my fear of heights, and he decided against it.   But these are both family-friendly adventures that most kids will love!

We wanted to play Mini Golf,  but it was so crowded by the time we got over there (after the train ride).  Next time we'll hit that up first!

Finally, we ended up at Geyser Towers.  This is the newest attraction at SMP.   We stayed there the longest, for sure.  Katie & I stayed dry on a bench beside the towers.  David had the best time climbing up and down,  all the while being squirted or sprayed by the water features throughout the structure.  It's the perfect place to spend a hot summer day! 

 Just be sure to keep cold drinks handy so you and your kids can stay hydrated! (And don't forget sunscreen, and a change of clothes!)  Most important - you must have close-toed shoes to play in Geyser Towers, so no flip flops!

Sitting in that net (above) was one of David's favorite places in Geyser Towers - especially when the 
"geyser" would blast out of the ground underneath and wet all the kids in there!

Kids run up and down the various "tunnels", then climb the tower at the right. 

My sweet boy, climbing back up!

Water comes spraying out from all over the place, soaking unsuspecting kids!

Here he is after a long, fun play session in Geyser Towers.  See the Great Barn behind him?  It is HUGE!

We had a wonderful day at Stone Mountain.  If it hadn't been so hot,  we might have tried to stay til the evening to see the Laser Show.  But, we're wimps, so we ended up heading home to the cool A/C! 
We'll have to go back to Stone Mountain Park soon to play in all of the fun attractions they have to offer!! Aren't we Atlantans lucky to have such a fun oasis (and one that has 3200 acres of fun!)  in the middle of the metro area?     : ) 

Check out all of the details on the hours, attractions etc. here

You can follow SMP on Facebook too!

Disclosure:  Stone Mountain Park provided us with complimentary passes to visit the park in order to review Geyser Towers, and all opinions are completely my own!

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