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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giveaway ~ ReCharge® Dark Chocolate Snack Mixes!!!

My family of four has very different tastes - we definitely don't all like the same things!  It is hard to find a snack option that every one likes, and even harder to find one that fits that bill AND is healthy.  That means I often buy several different snack items to pack in lunches or to offer after school, work, etc.   I'm always on the lookout for new healthy but tasty snacks for my family.  When I was offered the chance to try the new ReCharge® Naturally Enhanced Dark Chocolate Snack Mixes from Tropical Foods, I was cautiously optimistic!

My husband loves to eat things I consider a bit strange, but he considers healthy.  Foods like Kimchee, Kefir, Kombucha, Chia seeds and more! He encourages us to try them, but I've not really cared for the ones I tried.  But seeing the information on these ReCharge® snack mixes got me intrigued!  These are made with natural foods.  Real foods, not empty calories and unpronounceable ingredients! One of the ReCharge® snack mixes had chia stix in it.  They all contain probiotics.   That is something we already keep in our fridge to take when someone's tummy is not feeling well, and I love the idea of a snack mix enhanced with probiotics!  They are also enhanced with Omega-3's, and pomegranate seed oil. And we all know dark chocolate is good for you! I was happy to find these natural snacks that are healthy too - now if they will just pass the taste test!!

I gave the Super-Charged Cranberry Blend to Katie and her boyfriend to try. I thought it would be a great snack to munch while they watched a movie.  Katie (typical teenager!) made a face at first when she saw the description on the package, but her boyfriend tried it, so she did too.  When I checked back later, they both told me how good it was! They especially loved the dark chocolate cranberries and yogurt dipped peanuts! (There's a complete description of each snack mix with all ingredients below).  They left a few of the pomegranate-infused cranberries in the bottom of the container, but Mr. Picky Pants David finished those off in short order! He loved them.

I gave my husband the package of Chia ReCharge® Stix Mix because it had the Chia stix!  I tried it  too - the stix reminded me of those yummy sesame sticks you can buy in the bulk bins at stores like Whole Foods, etc.  Pretty tasty!  He really liked this snack mix, which also included dark chocolate chunks, almonds, and pineapple.

Finally, David and I got busy with the last snack mix, called Dark Chocolate Energy Boost.  Oh. my. goodness!!  This is my new favorite indulgence!  Dark chocolate cranberries,  dark chocolate covered coffee beans, pineapple, almonds - yum, yum, yum!   David and I both really enjoyed the flavors and textures of the ingredients in this snack mix.  Truly delicious!

I don't usually shop at Ingles, but I found out they offer these snack mixes locally.  So, yeah, you know I'm gonna be making a run there soon! We really liked all of these snack mixes;  they have so many good things going for them.  These are snacks I will actually feel good about giving to my family! Better yet, they are snacks my family is asking me to buy. These will be great to munch on during the hectic holidays!

Here is some more information about these yummy ReCharge®  snacks:

ReCharge® is a new line of naturally enhanced snack mixes from Tropical Foods, based in Charlotte, NC.

ReCharge® ingredients are enhanced with probiotics, Omega-3, pomegranate seed oil and Chia seeds. They contain antioxidants and much of the recommended daily value of vitamin B6.

They're also low-sodium snacks and contain zero grams of trans fat and cholesterol.

ReCharge® comes in three varieties:

Chia ReCharge® Stix Mix features Chia Sticks mixed with cranberries, almonds, dark chocolate chunks, yogurt-covered raisins, pineapple and white chocolate drops.

Super Charged Cranberry Blend includes Omega-3 fortified cranberries, pomegranate infused cranberries, and probiotic dark chocolate cranberries, plus almonds, dark chocolate chunks and yogurt-dipped peanuts.

Dark Chocolate Energy Boost includes an invigorating mix of coffee beans, probiotic cranberries, and raisins – all coated with dark chocolate – plus almonds, pineapple and dark chocolate chunks.

All three varieties are available in 10 pound bulk and will be available soon in 5oz re-sealable bags.
ReCharge® is available in bulk bins at Ingles and Healthy Home Market locations.  

The wonderful folks at Tropical Foods are giving one of you the same three-pack of snack mixes that I received!  Enter below - there are two mandatory entries, and several optional entries, too!  Good luck, y'all!

Disclaimer:  Tropical Foods provided me with a package of each of the three snack mixes so we could try them for this review.  They are also giving an identical set of three packages to the winner of this contest.  No other compensation was received!


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