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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Rag Garland ~ Easy Holiday Craft!!

Last night I felt the need to get crafty.  My inspiration for these Rag Garlands came from a $29.99 garland in the Country Door catalog.   I knew I had the supplies to make these for free!

I have a huge bin of holiday fabrics, so I found three Christmas fabrics I liked, plus some twine my husband had, and got to work!! I tore strips from the fabrics, then cut them into appx 5" strips.  I alternated the fabrics along the twine, tying them once and scooting them to the left.  I left a small loop on each end to hang it from.  I am THRILLED with my new Christmas garland and I've made a few more to sell at a Christmas festival in two weeks!  It takes about three hours to tie all of these strips on, and I had to tear/cut additional strips three times!  It's about five feet long, so I would need a few of these to wrap around the tree. 
Here are some pics/instructions if you would like to make a few of these yourselves!

Start out with a piece of twine a little longer than 5 feet - so you can make two loops and knot each end.
Here are some of the strips I already tore from my fabric, too....

Here's what I did to start my torn strips....just pick three or more fabrics that you like, and cut notches at the bottom.  I fold my fabric over so I get two strips per tear! Next, tear straight up the fabric - it will give you a long strip!!  After you tear them, measure to your liking and cut into smaller strips.  I folded my torn fabric strips into thirds and cut.  They were about 5"  long after I cut them.

Then start at one end and begin tying the strips on.  I do a single "knot" in the middle.  You will want to tear off any strings that appear after you cut your strips, too - just pull them off.  Some pieces may get a frayed look, and that's ok - it adds to the country charm of these garlands.  Just push pieces to the side after you tie them on, and keep them tightly together.    I have no idea how many strips I cut and tied, but it takes a good three hours (with tv watching to keep me going, lol!) to do one entire garland. 

And here is the first garland I made!  I used a couple different fabrics with this one.  I love them both, and have a couple more that are in progress! : )  Besides being fun to decorate your home, these would make great Christmas gifts, too! I am hoping I can sell a few of them at the Christmas festival - I'm going to ask $20 per garland I think!


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