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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kroger Spin to Win ~ CASH prizes!!

Kroger has a great new Spin to Win contest on their website right now! Just pick four P & G coupons to download to your Kroger Plus card, and you get a chance to spin & win!  I don't usually like e-coupons since you can only use one (either paper OR ecoupon) per item at Kroger now. I don't want an ecoupon to cancel out my doubled paper coupon so I picked four coupons for products I don't use.  So I played, and I won $3 - yippee!! After you claim it, your prize money is added onto your Kroger Plus card for $ off your next purchase.

You can play every day, but you can only win 2 times during the contest.

Come back and let me know how much you won! : )    Thanks to for the heads up about this contest!


  1. I agree. I don't like that ecoupons cancel out paper coupons or that you can only use one. I will have to go try the spin and win. Maybe I can get $ off too!

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