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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School ~ Tea Leaves & Thyme Tea Room

Taking tea is a long-time tradition in our family.  My mom, known as Grandmama or G-mama to her grandkids, started this back when her three oldest grandchildren were small. That first time, my sister & I took the girls with Mom to Woodstock to Tea Leaves & Thyme.  It's a beautiful little tea room where you can go in, sit down and let your worries and cares disappear for a couple of hours.  Taking tea is all about relaxing and enjoying the flavors and variety of delicious foods and hot tea that will be served to you.  Each bite is savored, each sip is enjoyed.  We've visited other tea rooms, but Tea Leaves & Thyme is the one we keep going back to, time and again.  I love love love tea rooms!

This year, I wanted to take both kids for a special back to school tea.  K is a senior, and D is a 2nd grader, so they both have much different interests, but both were excited about this tea party! 

We arrived and were seated in a sweet little room all by ourselves *yay*!  We each picked out something fun to add to our outfits: I grabbed a big floppy hat with feathers and a bow.  D grabbed a fur coat and a top hat, and K grabbed a fur coat because she was cold! *She wasn't so much in to the dressing up part this time*  : ( 

We ordered Full Afternoon Tea - which is all of the goodies you get for tea time on a three tier tray, plus a chicken salad croissant and an endless tea pot.   D got the Mad Hatter's Tea ~ a smaller three tier tray of kid-friendly goodies, plus his own tea pot.   His tray included:  top tier:  fruit, plus chocolate chip scones, middle tier: a chocolate-dipped, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a chocolate-dipped raspberry cream cheese (rabbit shaped) sandwich with a marshmallow tail, and a ham stripe sandwich.  Dessert tier - a chocolate cherry & hershey kiss mouse, a petit four and a jello tulip.  He LOVED it all!

When our tray of food arrived, here's what we got:  top tier - cranberry scones with lemon curd and amaretto whipped cream,  plus fresh fruit.  Middle tier: finger sandwiches - ham stripes, pineapple cinnamon cream cheese, egg salad with maple bacon, cucumber cream cheese topped with sour cream swirl & a radish curl.

The dessert tray included cookies and cream brownies, some type of bar with chocolate chips, nuts, etc., lemon bars, and a butter cupcake with pinapple center and pink frosting. 

Plus we got that giant chicken salad croissant!

 Our first pot of tea was creme brulee, the second was winter comfort (I think) - it was a chocolate mint tea.  David had a creme brulee pot and a vanilla spice pot too! YUM!  We had a wonderful time making memories and enjoying a special afternoon before school started.

I am hoping to get my mom, aunt, cousins and others together at Tea Leaves & Thyme for a Christmas tea this year - that would be so much fun!!

If you live near Atlanta you must try out Tea Leaves & Thyme.  It would be a great place to have a bridal or baby shower, too.  I love going there for tea with friends & family - it's such a nice way to take some time for yourself!  Make sure to call first and make reservations - you probably won't get in without them!

Have you visited a tea room? What is a fun back to school tradition you share with your family?

** This is not a sponsored post - I was not compensated in any way for writing this! We paid full price for our teas and will do so again ~ we have been going there for over 10 years now! I really wanted to share this fabulous Atlanta tea room with y'all! **


  1. No, I've never been to a tea room, but it sounds just lovely! What beautiful memories you have made.

    I would love it if you would stop by my very first blog hop debuting today and share this post!

    Have a great day!

  2. What a sweet post! I actually was planning to take my girls to tea, too, and this blog post has made me so eager! :)


  3. Thanks y'all! It's really a fun tradition, taking tea...and it's good for the soul, too! : )

    Jennifer, sorry it took me a few weeks to get it done, but I just linked to your fab blog hop! : )

    Jo, I hope you have a great time taking your girls!


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