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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get $25 worth of David's Cookies for only $2 ~ Little Birdie rocks!

I love finding new daily deal sites - and I love even more when they give you a credit just for joining!! I signed up with Little Birdie - a new FREE site, and got an instant $10 credit for doing so!! Here's the link for you to get your $10 for free too! (disclaimer - this is a referral link, so I'll also get a $10 credit - thank you for joining through my link!)

Today's national deal is a $25 voucher for David's Cookies, for $12.  YUM.   But remember that $10 credit? You can get this deal for $2!! Seriously!

They have cookies, brownies, cookie dough and more.  A 1 lb tin of cookies is $24.95 - shipping is $4.95.   I bought the voucher from Little Birdie and paid $2 after my $10 credit.  I'm registered with Shop At Home, which gives you a cash rebate for shopping online (7.5% with David's Cookies!) so I'll spend about $7 total out of pocket, but if they use my total amount ($24.95 & $4.95) spent, I think I'll get about $2.00 back, so it will be a total of $5 for a dozen freshly made cookies delivered to our door.  Sweet!  (Click the box below to sign up for Shop at Home - they partner with thousands of stores & websites to give you cash back for online shopping!)  Wouldn't fresh cookies make a great Father's Day gift? Or a sweet surprise for someone you love?

ShopAtHome Banner

LOVE LOVE LOVE finding great deals like this! : )

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