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Monday, April 18, 2011

Make easy $ at CVS ~ CVS Green tag rocks!!

One of my favorite money-making tips is this: Buy a CVS green tag (99 cents!) at CVS.  Attach it to your favorilte reusable bag, and stash it in your car.  When you have to make a CVS run (several times a week for me, ha!) take the bag/tag in and let them put your purchases in the bag, and scan the tag.  I actually have my tag on my key chain.  Many visits I only need one or two things, so I just carry them out in my hands or in my purse after purchasing them.  (The idea of the green tag is too save plastic bag use ~  as long as you don't leave with a CVS bag, whether you carry your purchases out by hand,  or use a reusable bag, the cashier will scan your tag.)

Why buy a green tag from CVS? It's a money maker for you, and a savings (on plastic bags!) for CVS.   Every 4th time you have your tag scanned, you'll receive $1 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB) printed out on your receipt!  Yes, CVS will pay you 25 cents to walk in and shop at their store.  Doesn't seem like much, but it will add up fast!! You can scan your green card once a day, so if you have a few small trips to make each week, scan it each visit. 

The best part of this post? The green tag is free after Extra Care Bucks this week through Saturday night! You pay 99 cents to buy it, and 99 cents in ECB will print out on your receipt. ECBs are like free money - you can use them on most anything in the store!

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