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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to shop at CVS for free (or almost free!)

This year I have spent VERY little out of pocket at CVS.  I would say under $26 total since January.  Most of that is tax on my freebies each week! Here's how I do it. 

Each week, I look at the items they are selling that will give me Extra care bucks (Like CVS money) back.  Then I look at my coupons, and match up the best deals.  Of course, if it is something I don't need or use, unless it will cost me 0, I won't get it. But if we need it - I buy it.

For example: last week's sale featured Right Guard bodywash for $3.88 - and they would give you back $3 in ECB.  I had a B1G1 coupon, so I could get 2, use ECB from a previous trip to pay the $3.88 that would be due, then get $3 back.   You do this every week or other week, and you'll build up a "bank" of ECBs to spend when there are things you want and need! They usually are good for 3 weeks or so
before they expire - so keep an eye on the expiration dates of your ECBs!

Another tip - scan your CVS card at the red kiosk every time you go in the store and you'll get some great CVS store coupons! Today I got a $5 off 2 Revlon cosmetics which helped a lot on my Revlon purchase! CVS doesn't double manufacture coupons, but they will let you stack their store coupons with your manufacturer coupons!

This week I had my best CVS trip ever!

Bought 3 Airwick Ultra kits $6 on sale - used 3 $4 coupons

Bought 1 Neutra Air $2.50 on sale - used $1.50 coupon
Bought 2 Biore poducts - 1 strips, 1 cleanser - 2 for $15 on sale, used buy strips get cleanser free coupon
Bought 2 Revlon lipglosses $7.99 each, on sale for B1g1 50% off - used $5 off 2 CVS coupon, 2 $1 coupons
bought 1 Russell Stover egg - 74 cents on sale
bought 1 Gain dishwashing liquid 97 cents on sale  used $1 off coupon
bought CVS contact lens drops on sale for $2.99

Then it was time to pay.  I used these ECBs from previous trips: $8.99 ECB, $2.50 ECB, $3 ECB, and paid balance with my FSA card - it actually covered 2 items - the Biore cleanser (which was free with the coupon!) and the eye drops. My balance was zero.  (I consider items I buy with the FSA card to be free since the money for the card comes out of DH's paycheck - it isn't out of my grocery/drugstore budget at all).   Total saved on this trip? $79!

I got back $10 in ECB for spending $20 on the Airwick & neutra air, $5 back for the 2 Biore products, and 74 cents back for the candy egg!! And I still have some ECB I didn't use today! : ) LOVE CVS!!! (Don't forget to take your own bag, then scan your green tag - every 4th trip you will make $1 in ECB too!)

If you have questions about shopping CVS, please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them! It's like a game ~ they pay you CVS monopoly money, and you use those with coupons to get items for practically free!!


  1. I'm jealous! I wish I could coupon like this! Following back!

  2. Crazy!! I need to start to use coupons. Following back!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Now following and subscribing to you as well! :) I've been looking through your recipes and can't wait to try some of them. :)

  4. Love the ECB at CVS and the RR at Walgreens..
    Need to get more organised with the coupns, though..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following back.

  5. Oh your blog looks fab!!! Thanks for stopping by I'm your newest follower!

  6. I wish we had places around here that I could do good couponing like that!! We have Walgreens but the whole thing just seems overwhelming to me! LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting me! I am returning the love!

  7. Hello,
    What a great blog! I am following you from the hop....Your page reminds me of my mom used to collect hummel figurines....and the kids on your page took me right back there..haha
    Please stop by and say
    Maureen :)


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