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Friday, August 20, 2010

Are you brand loyal?

One thing that did change for me when I started my semi-extreme couponing is that I try a lot of new brands. If I can get something for almost free, I'll try it once! But, there are a few things I'm very loyal to the brand. One of those: Hebrew National or Nathan's Beef Hot Dogs. I just can't eat any others! But I've been pleasantly surprised to try & like many other new products, thanks to coupons. And sometimes, even with a sale and coupon, generic produts are cheaper and just as good. (Especially baking products: sugar, flour, baking powder, chocolate chips, etc)

Another thing that makes me more likely to buy one brand over another: Boxtops for Education! My son's school collects these and has been able to purchase so many cool items, like playground equipment! I am a freak about buying these products when I have coupons & are on sale! They are on things the kids love - fruit snacks, cereals, granola bars, and more. And this fall they are showing up on Progresso soups, Land O'lakes butter, and other new products! Yay!

Are you brand loyal to any particular products? Or are you willing to try new ones if the savings are significant enough?

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