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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The best cookies at the Magic Kingdom! #WaltDisneyWorld #MagicKingdom #DisneyDiningPlan

We love, love, love Walt Disney World.  We've been several times over the past 8 years, and we're going again in December!  Today I wanted to share one of our favorite snacks at the Magic Kingdom. We always pick a few of these up when we are at Walt Disney World!

These Minnie's Bake Shop cookies are the best I've ever eaten!! The only one we've gotten is the Chocolate Chip Supreme and there is no reason (in my opinion) to try any other variety, as this one is heavenly!  (Actually, in December I'm going to try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - I will review it then)

These cookies are HUGE.  They are moist and delicious, with crunchy sugar crystals on top.   They are made to share, but we usually don't. We just eat half of the cookie, then save and enjoy the other half later!  

See how moist and dense they are on the inside? Perfect!

The sugar crystals on top add a delicious crunch to every bite! 

You can find these amazing treats at many of the shops and stands throughout the Disney parks, but we usually pick them up at Main Street Confectionary in the Magic Kingdom, or at Goofy's Candy Company in Disney Springs.  They cost $3.99 per cookie, and they are considered a snack option on the Dining Plan!

The bad news? They are not-so-good for your waist!! But since we only get these once a year or so, it's ok. You can check out the nutritional info below:

Next time you visit Walt Disney World, try one of these yummy cookies - you'll be glad you did!  For more about Disney, and other travel reviews, click the Travel link at the top of my blog.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These cookies look heavenly. I am making plans for my next vacation, so this would be a great to-do on the list.

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