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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Great book series for reluctant young readers!

I am fortunate to have a child who loves nothing better than a good book. He comes by it honestly, from his mama!  I've literally got books started all over the place - one is always in the van, in case I have to wait somewhere. Then there's a bathtub basket of books, and one on my nightstand too! You might even spy one on my kitchen table, and one on the coffee table!  So you can understand why I'm thrilled that he loves reading so much, too.  Some days after his school work is done, you'll find us both cozied up in my bed with our books, or reclining on each end of the sofa reading.  It's definitely a passion for us both!

D's breezed through several series of books this year - including the Maximum Ride books and the Gone series, plus the Maze Runner and The Giver.  When I had the opportunity to check out the first book in a series by author Jeff Gunhus, I knew my son would be excited too! I read the description and knew he would be hooked.

The series is called The Templar Chronicles and so far, there are four books in it.  Book one is Jack Templar, Monster Hunter.  You can read more about it here!  My son gave me his mini-review to share: "GREAT characters, a plot that was fast-paced with lots of action, and I really liked reading about all of the monsters in the book!"  He was really bummed when he finished the last page of Jack Templar, Monster Hunter. Well....he doesn't know it, but he will be getting the next book for New Year's, so he can continue the series!  (there will eventually be seven books in it). If your kiddos enjoyed Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson, they are going to love this series too.  Even a child who doesn't love reading will enjoy all of the action and adventure in Jack Templar!

If you are still looking for a last minute Christmas gift for a special kiddo in your life,  this book (or all four!) would be great for young readers (maybe 5th/6th grade and up)   You can get it for kindle too - no leaving the house required!

Jeff Gunhus also has a highly rated book for parents with kids who don't love reading. It's about reaching the reluctant readers in your life, and you can find out more and purchase it here.
Over on Amazon, learn how he turned his son, a reluctant reader, into an avid reader!

You can see all of the books from Mr. Gunhus at his website.  I'm thrilled that my son loves his books so much - we are now big fans of his work and look forward to finishing this series!

I received a free copy of the book for my son to read for this review.  No other compensation was received.  

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