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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best April Fool's Day prank ever!!

My poor kids, they hate April Fool's ~ I love to trick them with food fun.  So this year, they were on guard, and I told them I would not make them any food that would be a trick.  But I didn't say I wouldn't prank them at all....

So after dinner, they were in the living room.  I brought in two bowls, holding them high up so they couldn't see inside.  I asked them to close their eyes, that I had made them a delicious dessert....

Brown e's ~ who doesn't love a good brown e?!

Yeah, they were not amused, again..... oh well, a mommy's gotta try! (PS ~ I just found a page online with printable letters, saved it to a word document, then copied it several times per page, used brown markers to color those babies, and cut them out.  Easy peasy trick!)

What did y'all do for April Fool's?  Please leave me some good ideas in the comments section below! :)

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