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Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to recycle old jeans into new things

Katie has been cutting off her old jeans to make denim shorts, and I was going crazy trying to think of a way to reuse the legs!! So how about this? Grab some pinking shears, cut out rectangular napkins, and personalize with a bleach pen!! So easy, and so cute!! Just wrap the silverware inside, tie with a cute ribbon and you have a cute place setting!

Or how about a fun garland - maybe a birthday one, or a congrats one? I haven't decided yet, but I did get eight triangles out of one leg today, so it's on my to-do list!!  (That's what I shared in the last picture!)

Here are some pics to get you inspired! : )   Click on each one to read the caption if you'd like...

This first set of napkins was made with light-colored jeans, and I just used initials for each family member.  The kids did not like them, and requested napkins with their names on them! : )

So girls,  what have you used your old jeans for?   Please share your ideas in the comments,  I've got lots of Katie's old denim to play with!!