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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie French Toast Recipe

Merry CHRISTMAS!!   I hope you've all had the most wonderful day!!

We had a great day, both kids are feeling so much better, and that made this mama SO happy.  : )

I wanted to pop on here to share the most incredible french toast recipe ever!! Last week, a Facebook friend had a status about making French Toast with Cinnabon flavored coffee creamer.  I was very intrigued!  Sadly, Publix was out of that flavor when I went to get our Christmas day fixins', so I had to improvise.  I ended up choosing Nestle's Coffee Mate in Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie flavor.   This morning I wanted a quick breakfast, and that's what I got! 

Am I the only mom who loves buying seasonal/holiday paper plates for my kiddos?  Dollar Tree has them for every season/holiday/occasion - I'm a sucker for fun tableware!

 I mixed 4 eggs with the entire container of creamer, plus a liberal dash of cinnamon.  I used 10 pieces of store brand white bread.   It was sweet and delicious with a swirl of maple syrup on top!  We also had a pan of Sister Schubert's pigs n blankets, and some turkey sausage patties and links, served with orange juice and hot cocoa.  Perfect Christmas morning breakfast! : )   It would also be perfect on New Year's Day, or Valentine's Day!

Next time I shop I will try again for the Cinnabon flavor, or I'll just pick a different flavor to try this recipe with!   If you try it, let me know what flavors you enjoy, too!!  

Here are a few pictures from today - my kids didn't get a lot this year, but they did get things they wanted, and we were all home together - and to me, that is the best part of celebrating Christmas - family, and celebrating the birth of Jesus!!  So Merry Christmas, friends, and Happy Birthday, Jesus!!  xoxo

From Santa this year,  Katie got a tablet and a nice purse, plus a bunch of little things.  David got a metal detector and a big Lego Star Wars set, plus lots of little things too!

My sweet boy wanted a Mario game for the Wii - he was positively gleeful when he opened this!

Being almost 18,  we got Katie some really nice jewelry this year - these are pearl and topaz earrings, and she got a matching necklace.  Her brother and her boyfriend also gave her jewelry!

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  1. I am glad you had a good Christmas! Stopping over from the Alexa Blog Hop


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