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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Please hurry on out of here, 2020!!

Hey y'all....

Well,  2020 has been my least favorite year.  For sure!!

A lot of changes for us.

I filed for divorce this year.   I should have done it years ago.  But I was comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, and I was thankful that I was able to be home with my kids. I thought I could make it until my son graduated.  But in the end, I just couldn't let us stay in this situation.  

I worked outside my home for the first time in 17 years.  I loved every minute of it, but the pay was horrible.  Like barely over minimum wage. Staying home with my kids cost me my job skills.  I still wouldn't change that - my kids were worth every bit of it.

Then Covid shut everything down.  My job,  then the courts, so the divorce was in limbo.

Finally hopeful that I will be able to go back to work soon.  I have several risk factors that make me more susceptible to Covid, so I'm nervous about going back to work in a school, which is where I was working when things shut down. 

I'm so grateful my family and friends have been safe from Covid.  I do have a few friends online who have had it.  Both have recovered, but have lingering symptoms and issues that will probably remain for quite some time.  Scary.

My son will start school online next month.  Not how he pictured his Junior year.  But we're making the best of it. Frankly,  we're all ready for 2021 and hopefully some better things coming our way!

How are you handling 2020 and all the craziness?

I'll be back soon with some timely information to share!