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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


PayBox is a brand new payment website launching soon. Sign up with them today and you'll receive $25 right then, and if you log in daily until they launch you will earn even more! Refer friends to make $10 per referral! Sign up by clicking the link, then get your own link to refer your friends! : ) Fabulous way to start the new year with some easy money!

UPDATE: Just wanted to update this - after referrals and my daily log in credit for only one day,  I've already got a balance of $71.26 in my Paybox account.  I have done some reading up on Paybox and it looks like a great website will be unfolding very soon!
UPDATE 2:  After 4 days, I've earned $125.35 - I've only had 3 referrals - so I have the $25 I got for signing up, $30 for referrals, and the rest is for reading the blog daily, voting on a few debit card designs daily, and voting for merchants I'd want to use my debit card at locally, daily.  There is a daily poll to take as well.  I'd say I spend 10 - 15 minutes total on the site daily, and they add up to $25 a day for you doing the above tasks!  It all helps them develop a great payment processing website!!  And the money is really adding up fast!
UPDATE 3 ~ It's been a week and now I'm at $215. And they will be adding an affiliate program soon! You've really got to check them out - it's going to be a great alternative to Paypal!!


  1. Following you back and thanks for the follow. I did the Finish detergent deal too. That was an awesome deal!! Love your blog background!!
    God Bless,


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