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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft room redo, part 1

This year has truly been hectic & full of a million things going on- soccer, making soaps & other products for the stores I've sold my things at, PTA,driving Katie to from work, picking her up late from clubs after school, plus all the other daily things a mom does.  So crafting has been at the very bottom of my list of things to do. 

My craft room is a bedroom on the main floor of the house.  I used to have a BIG room downstairs - it's about 2/3 the length of our house so it was huge! I had tables, a computer armoire, shelves, filing cabinets, a sewing nook, a seven foot tall cabinet for supplies; a whole lot of space to put everything.  But when the princess turned 15, she started begging to move her room to that one.  I agreed, and we switched everything out.  Now my new craft room is half the size of the old, so things have been stacked everywhere.  Sometimes I'd bring things out of the room to work on in the kitchen, or in the family room.  And then I'd ask one of my sweet kiddos to please take it to the craft room.  We keep the door closed, since it's not used often, and I don't venture in there unless I'm taking something in or out!   The kids got good at this - they  would open the door, toss whatever they had in there and throw it on a table.

 Well, about 2 weeks ago, I went in there and I was shocked at how cluttered it had gotten since summer.  Seems the princess had started throwing her dirty clothes in there?!?!?, and little man would go into the bins with school supplies to get markers or paper, & he'd move things around, drop things in the wrong place - and I was guilty too! I'd buy something, come home & literally toss it on one of the 3 tables in there, or sew something really quickly and leave the scraps on the table - it was out of control BADLY!   And did I mention that I just bought a ton of Creative Memories scrapbook supplies from a garage sale and they were added to the mix?! And most of my soap supplies were just thrown in there from the kitchen when I was getting ready for our Halloween get-together.  It was the worst room in my house, and kind of resembled a crafty hoarder's house, but luckily, condensed to only a room. Oh no.  Time to get BUSY!!

Do you want to see how awful this room with the closed door was? (so embarrassing!)
I tried to keep some things organized - a box for cards/gifts
a bag for extra soap, a box of soap supplies, stack for CM stuff
 the bookshelf area - ugh - magazines,albums, binders, oh my!

This is my supply shelf, but it's gotten covered in soap making supplies, ribbons, fabric, just a mish mash of stuff.  It's awful!
the corner area - the white crates are for my soap supplies.  The drawers are for my herbs/botanicals.  Looks like some things have gotten mixed up - there is calendula in the soap crate, and soap petal bags in the herb cart! And to top it off, somehow a drawer has gone missing! lol

 One of the 3 tables.  OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!  (Hey, there's my fall wreath I never hung up! lol)
and the table's twin sitting beside it....again - how did things get so bad!!??  CD's, scrapbooking stuff, bath products, office supplies... all thrown here by either my kids, or me. BAD.

empty wall between closet & bedroom door

SO.... on to the project I found & tackled.  Country Living (from several years back) had a great picture of a closet made into a craft nook.  The inside of the door had pegboard for all the things you would need for crafting.  I LOVED IT!  And how awesome to have things hidden away neatly!
The only problem - we got home with our piece of 2x4 pegboard, and the set of pegs, and it was too wide for that closet door, and with the doorknob, the pegboard would have needed to be cut in two pieces.  So, we improvised, turned the pegboard sideways, and hung it on the wall.  If I was really crafty, I'd have framed it out - but that goes beyond my talents. 

All my templates, scissors, tape, patterns, adhesives, and more are up there! And I have one more trick up my sleeve for this that I will show in the next post! (DH showed me how to use his drill & I made some accessories for this but they are still drying after a couple coats of paint! pics to come) 
 I love having everything so organized and easily accessible!

 Bookshelf - I have all my pages, page protectors & empty albums together, plus I tried to organize the magazines a little better too.

This table still needs work - but SO MUCH BETTER than it was, right?! The other table now sits underneath the pegboard and it is empty!!

My supply shelf after - All my hairbow making stuff is in two baskets.  Still messy, but together! The green basket has Fall decor, the red has Spring decor.  The bottom shelf is all fabric.  It's messy, but again, it's together!

The corner area after - my soap & candle making supplies are in the crates.  I still have a box & bag of soap supplies to move over there, but this is a start! And yes, the drawer is still MIA for my herb/botanical cart.  But it's so much better than it was, y'all!

So stay tuned, this week I am going to finish this room.  I still have one huge problem area in there - the sewing table.  It's our former kitchen table, and it is stacked high with fabric, projects, supplies and more.  Once it's all done, I'll share pics of the whole room, finally finished & organized.
  I want to get back to my scrapbooking because my friend Renea & I are going to a weekend scrap retreat early in 2011, and I need to get caught up before then!!  I also have some sewing projects to work on, and it will be such a relief to have my craft room set up again, and usable!! I'm lucky to have a whole room to use for this, so I need to get it organized and get crafting!!
I'm so proud of how much I've gotten done in the hours I've worked on it this week.   I know a lot of people probably have this pegboard stuff in their craft rooms, but I had honestly never thought of it until I saw the magazine feature.  It works so well for all those crafty things we pick up everywhere! : )
Thanks for letting me go on and on - I'm so happy to have started tackling this room!!

PS ~ please don't hate on me too much for sharing those awful pics!! I know it was a disaster in there, but I am thrilled with the progress!  This will keep me from ever letting it get that bad again, too - don't want to have to fess up to letting it get like this again! ; )

PPS ~ What is the messiest or most cluttered room in your house? I know none can probably compare to this one, but I'm curious!! Share your mess with me!

Y'all have a fabulous week!

~ Aimee


  1. wow, what a difference.... i need to do this in my study!

    Thanks for stopping by Emma's Lunch, I'm following you back now :)

  2. Hi Aimee! Thanks for stopping by!
    Your craft room is coming along beautifully! I love the wall color. I am anxious to get a pegboard for all my tools too.
    I remember that idea in CL! It was gorgeous! Enjoy your progress :)


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