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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where I've been...

Wow - this week has kicked my butt!! Reminds me I am not so young anymore!! I've made so much soap and bath stuff, then had to make & print tags, then package & price it all. Finally an 80 mile round trip to Roswell to drop it all off. Here's part of what I left there:

There are peppermint soap bars, peppermint guest soaps shaped like little trees and snowmen, spicy cider soaps, pearberry soaps, peppermint fizzy bath bombs, cinnamon oatmeal cookie soaps, magic reindeer dust, lavender rice eye pillows, and lots of herbal sachets!

Here's another little table with a few items (eye pillows, reindeer dust), and there was one other table in the back booth that I didn't get a picture of.

I hope they sell really well!!! : ) I'm also selling a bunch of products this Saturday at a local store in Bethlehem at their outdoor Saturday sale!

I'll try to be better about blogging now that I'm set with my holiday products at the Market!

UPDATE:  If you shop at the market, steer clear of the "Nest" booth! They are scammers/liars - never paid me one penny for anything I sold there, refused to respond to my email questions & multiple phone calls/voice mails asking what had sold, when I would be paid, copies of daily inventory/sales reports the Market provides them, etc  - and when I picked up my inventory - SO MUCH was gone.  I'm shocked that people can treat others that way.  I knew MHT & her mother SH from my high school days and trusted her when she asked if I'd bring my things to stock their booth.    Hate when I get screwed over!!  Karma is a B though - so I know it will come back to them somehow, someway.... : (

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